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Read below how we can help sell your property!

Other companies may offer your free CMA's (comparative market analysis), but that is only a small apart of getting your property sold!!! A free CMA is the start of the selling process. We are the only company that can market your property the way it should be marketed. With our nationwide marketing plan, no other company can get your property out to as many potential buyers as we can; our goal is to get your property sold as quickly as possible!! We will do our best to get you a better price for your property. Often times that means having great negotiating skills and putting them to good use. After all, selling a property is a meeting of terms between buyer and seller. We do not set the selling price, the buyers do that in the price they are willing to pay for properties. Pricing comes with time and buyers are very savvy these days. We don't believe in over-pricing the properties that we sell, but we do believe in maximizing our marketing avenues to get the top buyers that will give you the highest price for your property. That could easily mean marketing to the out of state buyer in the many websites and print advertising that we have available.

Juniata Realty is now serving your area. Do you have property that you are having trouble selling???? We can help with our unique nationwide marketing plan. We market to both local folk and to buyers from across the country. We especially like to market in the Eastern part of the USA. We market to buyers who are coming this way to invest or to retire. We critique our marketing plans for each individual property so that it will be advertised in the location that best suits the advertising needs of that property.

If you are thinking of selling, please call us today for a FREE, no obligation comparative market analysis of your property. We co-broke with all of the other offices, so not only do our agents sell your property but all of the agents in the other offices will try to sell your property also. We have:

  1. Nationwide Homes Magazines to advertise your property.
  2. Many websites that your property is advertised on.
  3. Local Homes Magazines and papers.
  4. Out of the area papers and websites.

We create a special marketing plan for your home or property. Each property gets our personal attention to get it marketed in the right areas, and therefore to get it sold quickly. Remember, if we don't get it sold, we don't get paid. We like getting paid for the work that we do, so our goal is to get it sold as quickly and unstressful as possible


We are the rural and unique property experts. Specializing in small towns and country properties!!

10 Steps to Getting Your Property Sold!!!

Selling is our ambition!!! We can get your property sold!! 
This is the best order of events to get your property sold!!!

1: Set up a free CMA for your property. Call our office and set up an appointment for a free "No Obligation CMA." We will work around your schedule to accommodate your daily needs. We are very flexible with our time.

2: We will them come out and take a detailed look at your property; we will discuss with you your needs and concerns about selling your property. Our goal is to sell your property with no stress to you. It often takes someone trained in marketing and selling to get you the best price for your property. Once we look at your property, we will then go back to the office and pull the information on the properties that have sold and those on the market to get a good marketable price for your property. We have detailed data of the homes on the market and those that have sold; we will then take all your concerns and weigh them into our equation. Remember, we want to get you the best price under the most favorable conditions.

3: After we have collected and reviewed all the data, we will come up with a range of what we think would be a good marketable price. We will then call you to set up an appointment to get together and go over all the information with you.

4: The next decision must be yours; you will then have to decide if this is the right time for your to sell your home.

5: If you indeed, decide that it is, then we will complete a listing contract and fill out all the appropriate forms to get your property on the market.

6: When your property is placed on the market, we will then get out marketing team together to create a detailed marketing plan for your property. We will then proceed to get your property advertised and marketed both on the local market and out of town - we will appreciate any thoughts that your have on our marketing; after all, you know your property best!!

7: Next comes one of the best parts - we find a buyer for your property. We are currently working with many buyers that are waiting for just the right property. There are more buyers than sellers right now for rural properties.

8: Once we have obtained a buyer to purchase your property, we will then write up a sales agreement for them. The written offer will then be presented to you for your review. If you like the terms and conditions, at that time your can either counter the offer or accept it.

9: Upon completion of negotiating the terms of the offer, and both you and the buyers have agreed on the terms, you will then initial and sign the offer. After which, you have a bona fide sales contract on your property.

10: It usually takes 2 - 4 weeks to have a closing on your property. The time could be determined by the buyers financing. A cash deal takes a small amount of time and a loan takes about 4 weeks. During that time there could be a title search and an appraisal. On or before the closing date on your sales contract, you will sit down at the closing table with the buyers, the attorney, banker, us and you will have a closing. At that time, you will sign the deed to the property over to the buyer and you will obtain your check for the property. Your property will then have been sold!!